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Evolve Artist is an online art school that teaches the fundamental skills of high-level realistic painting.  We started about 6 years ago and now serve students in 37 countries.

Personal growth is at the heart of our company, so if you've always dreamed of expanding to explore what your true potential is, you'll fit right in. We're on a mission to change the world by making art more accessible and easier to learn. 

However the job isn't all sunshine and rainbows, so here's the good news and the bad news.


First, the Bad News:

  • It’s a remote job, which means that you need to be self-motivated and good at working independently; if you struggle with this, please do not apply.

The Good News:

  • The job is remote, so that means you can work from anywhere.

  • You get to work directly with students, to help them achieve their artistic goals. 

  • We love to hear your ideas and prioritize results which means we want you to succeed and will help set you up to win.

Here are the job requirements:


  • Availability to be flexible on schedule. We are currently looking to fill shifts on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday mornings. (This may be subject to change)

  • Must have completed Evolve Block 4. This role will be mostly supporting new students in Blocks 1 - 3.

  • You need to enjoy the satisfaction of working with others. This role requires working closely with a team and guiding students.

  • You will be on the computer a lot so understanding email, social media, basic spreadsheets, and browsing the web will be necessary.

  • You will need to interact live with our students so you need to enjoy talking with people in real time over video chats and calls.

  • You are comfortable in video meetings and have a stable internet connection.

  • You take pride in the quality of your work.  If you are quiet and studious that works well for us because we are looking for good, fun, and honest people who get stuff done.

Bonus if:


  • You are passionate about art and creativity.

  • You have a desire to see others succeed and help guide them to results

  • You like to take charge of the situation and make things happen.


The Instructor role may take a variety of forms such as:


  • Responding to homework submissions according to a rubric 

  • Running contests for students

  • Running community study groups

  • Responding to live chat inquires from students

  • Working one-on-one with students

Primary tasks:


  • Responding to student homework submissions using the provided rubric

  • Answering student questions via email, Facebook, and live chat

  • Interacting with students in our study groups and on live calls

  • Team meetings and brainstorming sessions to improve student success

  • Reporting metrics of your role to management.

  • Thinking creatively about how to make the company stronger and student success higher

  • Staying educated on our curriculum 


This position is NOT for you if: ⁣


  • You can't commit to specific meeting times when you won't be interrupted. 

  • You don’t enjoy teaching or encouraging people

  • You have a hard time helping people who may be frustrated or confused

  • You don't like problem-solving and coming up with creative solutions.


Time commitment :


  • 8-20 hours per week depending on scheduling. Time commitment is slightly flexible when setting schedules, but you will be expected to be present during a specific time window each day. 


In short, the purpose of this job is to guide students through our program and to have fun while you do it (I mean, who wants a job that isn't fun). Our style is casual, but we do expect results, and that deadlines are met and systems followed.


What we don't expect is perfection or that you'll have everything figured out on day one. We can teach you all of this. What we need from you is to bring your A-Game to the table - meaning your smarts, energy, and get it done attitude.  When you have questions you can easily reach us online. 


To learn more about us check out EvolveArtist.com


Culture is very important to our company, so one thing that will give you a leg up is to send a quick video along with your application. In your video tell us why you think you're perfect for this position and why you will rock this position. This is purely for us to get a sense of your personality, and if you decide not to send a video (that's ok too), please tell us why you chose not to send one in.

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